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It has been a while since I made anything in FFN, one of the sites where my writing skills were honed and are continued to be molded.  After a long break, which counted to months of not being able to do one of the things that I absolutely loved to do — writing, I am proud and thrilled to let everyone know that I am back on the FFN scene with this newest update on Chronicles of Time: Cyber World chapter entitled, ‘Emergence of the Dark “Spring”!

The said fanfiction is now on the final arc of the story with Flamon and Kouichi making their way to Chronosmon’s castle in hopes of finding Izumi and bringing her back to her senses.  Of course, what awaited them was something unexpected, for their part, at least.  I won’t go ahead and spoil the whole thing, but just to let you guys have a taste of the said update, here’s a little excerpt.

New Cover Art for Chronicles of Time:Cyber World

New Cover Art for Chronicles of Time:Cyber World created by Vianca Eunice M. Martinez


Storm clouds were gathering and the wind was beginning to blow as hard as it could, acting like a barricade to hinder anyone from going any farther than they already have. The night sky held no twinkle of the stars nor shimmering moon, it held nothing but the solid darkness with the occasional lightning matched with the resounding sounds of thunder.

The path was becoming jagged, so much so, that one would have to wonder if there was no way to get to the top of the plateau. There was nothing much to note in that rocky pathway other than the different sizes and shapes of the rocks that was scattered on the ground.

At the start of their long climb, Flamon and Kouichi were still surrounded by the greens from trees, bushes, and shrubs. However, the father away from the base of the plateau that they got, the lesser the greenery became until finally, all that was left were rotting tree trunk, dirt and rocks.

Throughout their ascent. Neither spoke nor made any sounds save from the heavy breathing that was caused by climbing for so long. It was not out of anger that they did not speak to one another but rather, was because of the fact that no words need to be said. No pep talk was necessary for there was no words to express what they could be facing and how they would face it. Their minds were focused on their task – to learn the truth of Izumi. Neither wished to stop moving forward to their destination for both believed that time was not on their side. If there was one thing they felt would work, it was surprising Chronosmon by slipping through his defenses and finding Izumi. As to how they were planning to do that, they would have to place their trust in the darkness that covered them in shadow.

Like I’ve said, that’s only the beginning of the chapter.  There’s no way I’m posting the entire chapter here.  If you guys want to read it, and the rest of the story (if you haven’t already), you can just click on this here link and it’ll bring you to this chapter (provided that FFN has already updated the story, as far as I remember it takes a couple minutes for it to be uploaded to the story itself).

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m going to post another update later so… stay tuned!

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