Another Chappy for Chronicles of Time:CW

This could be the last update for this blog (but not for the story in question) before we go on a little hiatus mode since I will try to fix this site up a bit.  Anyways, like the post title suggests, we have another chapter up for Chronicles of Time for fans of the story to read.  It’s in the usual place and this chapter is entitled, “The Fall of the Spirit Shinkers.”

With this recent update, we are certainly going on for the finale of the story.  Three more chapters remain before we close the second book of the Chronicles of Time series and this chapter is a bit more subtle than the previous or the next chapter.

Quite honestly, I have already finished all the chapters for the story, save for the finale (which I will write today, if I can).

Now, moving away from the chapter update to one of the longest stories that I have ever written and published to the hiatus of Sakura no Kokoro.

As you may have been reading for a couple of months now, and noticed (if you ever did visit my site).  The recent server changes made by my webhost has caused quite a problem with the design of my site.  It is because of that, and because I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my sites, I’ve decided to go on a hiatus to fix these problems, and if they could not be fix, I will then move Sakura no Kokoro to a different sub-domain.  This may take a while but, though it is in hiatus, the site would still be visible for a few more days.

Anyways, just thought everyone should know.

That’s all for now, cross your fingers that I do manage to fix this problem without the need of moving the site to a different sub-domain since I love the ‘sakuramartinez’ sub-domain, lol.  Ja ne!

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