Chronicles of Endlessia Teaser Unveiled!

A lot of time and effort was used just to make sure I can show everyone what I want to show them, to tell everyone want I want to tell them, and to let everyone catch a glimpse of the first of the trilogy of games under the Chronicles of Endlessia saga.  That being said, I am proud to unveil the highly improved Teaser Trailer (that was heavily edited from the video in the game) of the Chronicles of Endlessia: Dawn of Darkness.

It took a lot of planning, drawing, scrapping, recording, mild cursing, and energy drinks to finish this (and the rest of the videos that will be used for the game).  But, as I have said, it was really worth it!

Chronicles of Endlessia Logo

I’m still lacking a lot of things, given that I have not studied proper animation, CGI and graphics design but with the help of my tools — Anime Studio, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, PSCS4, 3D Studio Max, Soundforge — I was able to make almost all of the animations, and the soundtrack for the game.

I still have a lot to learn though, so it may not look THAT good.  But, I am trying.

Anyways, here is the said video.  Enjoy!

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3 comments on “Chronicles of Endlessia Teaser Unveiled!
  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I wanted to see your video but it was either removed from FB or not visible because of privacy settings. If it’s privacy settings, could you change it so I can check it out? Cool! Thanks 🙂

    • Sakura Martinez says:

      Sorry about that, forgot about the whole privacy thing.
      It’s fixed now, though…

      I also noticed that, I used textspeak on one part of that video.
      I will upload a fixed version later.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks! Thats really awesome!

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