A Daunting Enemy! Madara's True Strength!

Well, SleepyFans are so quick to do their job, wouldn’t everyone agree?  Every week, before the week ends, they would manage to upload the latest chapter of Naruto provided that it isn’t on a short hiatus.  Having said that, we have this week’s chapter, “Madara’s True Strength” now made available via our VIS downloads page and VIS Online Manga Viewer.

The panels on the manga are a bit rushed (at least for me) considering Danzo’s lackeys from the Aburame and Yamanaka clan are fighting against an uber powerful Madara.  Madara’s ability to become intangible is a big advantage for him and a disadvantage for his enemies.


Meanwhile, Gaara leaves Naruto to ponder on what Friendship truly means and what he is trying to do for Sasuke.

Also, it appears that Madara isn’t the one who’s going to fight Danzo.  SasuGAY is back with a vengeance as he is pitted by Madara against Danzo.


Next week’s chapter is said to be a SasuGAY VS Danzo chapter in color, of course, by now we all know that that means a few (mostly 2 or 3) pages will be in color and it will be the first pages or so.

Having said that, at the moment, there’s still no BLEACH update nor ONE PIECE update.  Detective Conan is also short on updates right now, which can also be said to the xxxHolic Manga.

Of course, we should be patient still.  It’s not easy translating and cleaning up these manga — a work that SF are doing with utmost dedication.

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