Uncharted and Trophies

One of the interesting features that the Sony PS3 has that makes gamers strive for a 100% completion to games is the PS3 Trophies.  Each User Account in the PS3 system has their own list of trophies that they strive to complete depending on the game that they are playing.  Having said that, not all games features unlockable trophies.  Most RPGs or Role Playing Games don’t have this.


Anyways, why do I babble on about this?  Well, playing with Resident Evil 5 — the first PS3 game that I have played made me want to complete and unlock all the trophies that there can possibly be and get a higher ranking.

I know it sounds a bit confusing but, let me show you a PS3 Trophy card generated and powered by MMOS.  The rank I was talking about is the World Ranking.  As of now, since I am not much of a gamer addict, I rank 90,452 in the whole world.  Out of how many, I’m not sure but, I don’t really care about it right now as much as I would like since well… we own only a couple of games that feature the trophy system and of those games I only play Uncharted and RE5.sakurax3

Anyways,  attaining trophies isn’t as easy at it may seem.  It can actually be a pretty daunting task considering how impossible some trophies could be attained.  But, it sure does challenge gamers to not only beat the game but to try and get all the game’s trophies and (in Uncharted’s case) unlock cool bonuses and rewards.

I’m pretty hooked up with Uncharted, to say the least.  You see, it’s sort of an Action/Adventure/Treasure Hunting/Wall Climbing game.  Think Prince of Persia meets Lara Croft plus Zelda packed with Metal Gear Solid… Hm… I think that only made it more confusing to imagine. lol

But, that’s the gist of it.  It’s just too good a game to pass up and too good a game to actually compare it to any other.  It makes Tomb Raider seem like a thing of the past, no offense to Lara Croft fans.

It also packs a good story telling and a set of interesting characters with just enough of action and humor, adventure and romance so well balanced that it’s impossible not to love the game.

It isn’t just a case of jumping past cliffs, dangling on ledges, solving intricate puzzles and unlocking the secrets that makes Uncharted such a popular game.  It’s because you just don’t go running, jumping or shooting around.  You also get to ride vehicles while killing off bad guys.  And it doesn’t get too repetitive either.

It manages to balance wonderful story telling and amazing graphics — a balance that some of today’s games seem to get wrong on.  Well, of course, I’m still playing the first Uncharted game.  Now wait til I tell you guys about Uncharted 2.  Now THAT will be a treat.  But, for now, I’m going to play this game some more while trying to complete my trophy collection.  I’m going to stop playing RE5 for now since I am going to get my hands on the Alternate Edition *grins*

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