Sasuke VS Danzo!

An early release of the latest chapter of Naruto and One Piece created quite a stir in the Narutoverse earlier today.  As promised, the chapter had three pages worth of colored goods but of course, that isn’t a big deal.  The fight between Sasuke and Danzo finally unfolds in the 476th chapter of Naruto.  Like always, it can be read or downloaded via the VIS OMV or the VIS Downloads Page.05

In this chapter, Sasuke demands answers from Danzo but Danzo not only wishes to speak about it without a fight but is hell bent on killing SasuGAY first before SasuGAY kills him.  Meanwhile, Naruto ends up fainting (yeah, I know lame) thanks to the pressure laid out before him.  Yeah, like I’ve said, pretty lame.

This chapter isn’t much (hence I kept on repeating how lame it is) considering how Kishimoto-san is dragging the manga now.  It seems as though instead of moving forwards, the manga is00 going on a limbo.  Anyways, read for yourselves and judge.

What is cool about this week’s Shounen Jump issue is the cover, it is a collage of kids cosplaying as the world’s most loved and goofy ninja, who else but Naruto Uzumaki.  The bad news about it is that this week’s Weekly Shounen Jump is a dreaded “Double Issue”. So that means there will NOT be any of the WSJ series coming out next week. Yep, so no Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Ane Doki, Bakuman, Beelzebub, Reborn, etc…

So will need to wait an extra week for yet another “Double Issue”.  Holiday times aren’t that great when it comes to WSJ releases hahaha

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