Finally a Watanuki Update!

I have to say, CLAMP is taking its sweet time in updating their TRC-tie-in manga, xxxHolic.  With this new update, it seems that the xxxHolic universe is not yet ready to open up its curtains for it’s final act.  This update, though, still with no translated title, plans to open up a new adventure for our dear Watanuki.

“No matter how many customers’ wishes he may grant; No matter how powerful he may become; Watanuki’s heart will never be satistied.  For as his feelings for Yuuko-san who watches over him even after she’s gone grows stronger, his feeling of impotence of being able to do nothing grows ever stronger.  Here in this shop where all that remains to him is to wish from the heart and continue waiting, a new tale begins to stir…”enter

Those are the words taken from the newest xxxHolic update.  Watanuki’s tale, it seems, is much more heart wrenching than that of Syaoran and Sakura from TRC.

Anyways, I can’t say much about this chapter as it merely opens up the said arc but, this chapter does show an interesting character and some interesting dialogue as well.  It also has an air of mystery about it.  Just who is this person whom the “Moon Rabbit” wanted Watanuki to meet?  What could now be instore for the young master of the shop?

It’s not one of the best chapters but, I’m just glad CLAMP decided to update.

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