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Well, I know I should have posted something after Christmas, but, a lot has happened since that day and we’ve just been back from Manila.


After having a half-day’s worth of migraine earlier today, I was finally well enough to actually open my laptop and browse through the net whilst I update this little blog of mine.

We have 2 manga updates.  One from xxxHolic while the other is from my favorite detective series, Detective Conan.

In this new xxxHolic, we get to learn what the Spider Queen’s wish to Watanuki is.  The Spider Queen’s a bit different at this chapter what with all the seduction she is doing to Watanuki who seems not to care, though.  A very grouchy Pipefox is also shown in this manga chapter.


On the other hand, Detective Conan’s manga chapter closes off the Tori-Man case as well as shows Ran doing some nice karate moves. Wow, Ran really is strong.  It was actually a pretty interesting chapter coupled with what Ran’s true lovely fortune says.

Like I’ve said, we just got back from our trip to Manila and, although I still haven’t obtained that which I have been trying to get my hands on, we did, however, get to buy 2 new PS3 game titles: Army of Two and the famous, Video Game of the Year — Uncharted 2.

Anyways, that’s all the update from now.  I’m going to write a new chapter for Chronicles of Time since I did promise to finish the fanfic before this year ends.

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