The Hour of Judgment — A CoT:CW Update!

Yes, people, you’ve read it right.  Today, on the 29th day of December in the year 2009, the second to the last chapter of the acclaimed Chronicles of Time: Cyber World is now available for my dear readers to read in it’s usual place in FFN.

In this 61st chapter, the battle between the Spirit Shinkers and Chronosmon finally comes to an end.  There are also some farewells in this chapter and some answers to the remaining mysteries that were left by the previous chapters.

Also, in this chapter’s Post Author’s Notes, I asked a simple question which is:  In the whole CoT:CW fanfic — in all of its chapters, pick a scene that you would like to have an illustration of.  This, of course, includes the finale which will be uploaded on the 30th of December, 2009.

Well, I won’t go spoiling everything else besides that so, for the Chronicles of Time readers, it is time to get reading once again.

Like I have said, the next chapter will be uploaded tomorrow so be sure to check back and see what it has in stored for everyone.

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