Chronicles of Time: Cyber World’s Ending UP!

After 4 years of slow (yeah, I admit it) chapter updates, after having 62 chapters, Chronicles of Time: Cyber World’s ending is now available for everyone to read in FFN.  This chapter, entitled, “Tomorrow Will Surely Be Sunny” took all my concentration to make sure that I finish it today, as I have promised.

This final chapter has no fight scenes, and is all about closing the CoT’s Cyber World chapter.  A hint though, of what’s in stored — it is all about Kouichi.

What happened after they jumped into the vortex as instructed by those from the future?  What changes were made by their adventure?  What became of the other Takuya, the one from the future?  Is there a next adventure for our heroes?  Those questions, and many others that I will not enumerate, will finally be answered in this final chapter.

I have to say though, the Post Author’s Notes that I wrote in this finale is the longest one I have written by far.  Just to show my gratitude to the readers that have constantly took their time to read and review the said fanfic.  Like I’ve said, words can never really express my gratitude towards you all.

I am also glad that I managed to upload it a couple of hours before my birthday, I think, I shall think of it as a birthday present to myself to have finally finished that story.  62 chapters.  Can you believe it?  Well, despite the length and the hours I put into writing that story, I’d say it was all worth it.

Having said that, I hope fans of the story will enjoy the final chapter.  Remember, this final chapter is included in the scene selection for the illustration that I have talked about in the previous chapter and post.

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