Month: January 2010

The Kappa’s True Form!

Detective Conan

Finally, after a week of no update, Detective Conan finally closes off it’s Kappa case with an ‘okay’ ending. Chapter 721, entitled, The Kappa’s True Form, had just been released translated in english by our friends from DCTP scans.

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Noynoy Aquino’s Speech at the Phil. Maritime and Seafaring Industry Presidential Forum

Benigno Noynoy Aquino III

If there is one thing that I am sure of in the coming 2010 election, it’s the person who I’m going to vote for to be our country’s next president. If there is one thing I fear in this coming election, it’s the fear that our votes would not count and we will see another pathetic episode of foul play.

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Sacrifice — Naruto Chapter 480 Up Now!!

Weekly Shonen Jump

Have you ever been so into reading so much that you wished all time would stop and that you could just read and read some more? Have you ever been so into what you are reading that you can’t help but imagine yourself as part of that story, living amongst the characters and that everything you were reading was somehow true?

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SnK Updates to 2.9.1


I know this is a wee bit late but, I’ve finally managed to update my blog: Sakura no Kokoro (SnK) to the latest version of Wordpress which is version 2.9.1.

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Chapter II: The Transcendental Wish

Moon Butterfly

This is the second chapter of my Blog Novel: Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu. A chapter that I had forgotten to upload thanks to everything else that’s been going on. Having said that, I hope it’s clear in this chapter that it is Yuuta who is narrating the events here.

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