A New Beginning for SnK!

It has been a long time since I updated my theme. And a long while since I last updated the WordPress base installation. A couple of weeks ago, Sakura no Kokoro (or SnK, for short) was still running under the 2.8 build of the acclaimed blogging software known as WordPress but now, we are finally updated to the latest build of 2.9. Also, in this New Year update, we have a new layout. Introducing version 2.3 dubbed as SnK “BLEACH”-ed.

In this latest version of Sakura no Kokoro, I have decided to let Rukia Kuchiki from the BLEACH manga and anime take the spotlight from Sakura Haruno of Naruto.  For one, she is one of my fave characters which does not have the name of ‘Sakura’, lol.  Although, I do not necessarily like all characters with that name (hint: I am not a fan of Sakura Wars nor of Rival Schools).

For those who did not know, BLEACH was first conceptualized with the creation of the first Shinigami — Rukia.

Anyways, version 2.3 also has the tagline: “A New Beginning.  Living With Determination.” which is very appropriate for a theme for an updated (and better looking, although a bit buggy still) SnK, as well as an appropriate theme for the new year, don’t you agree?

Although I may have said that 2.9 of the WordPress installation is the latest, there is still a much newer version with the 2.9.1 build.  However, as there is a newer build coming soon, I have decided to just install the flat-out 2.9 build rather than the 2.9.1.  Though, people who are reading this blog, visiting SnK, and those who are subscribed should not think too much on the build — let me handle that, lol.

Like I have said, as well, this new version of SnK is still a wee bit buggy.  Originally, this theme is supposed to sport thumbnail images on the slider/glider near the header of the site, as well as thumbnails on the minipost.  That bug is something a little bit out of my control at the moment considering that I believe the problem is being caused by the hosting provider hindering some of my scripts to work as a sort of protection.  I have notified them of this and am currently awaiting their reply which, I hope, would be soon as I want everyone to experience a dynamic…err… experience when visiting SnK.

Also, it is now much easier to subscribe to the blog with the latest ‘Subscribe Here’ widget courtesy of Google Feedburner.  I am also planning on hosting some of my graphical works in this blog as well.

Anyways, I’m planning on making SnK, as well as the VIS homepage bigger and a lot better this year.  It can be quite a daunting task but, it is a task that I intend to complete.  I really do hope that my hosting replies to the query I had sent for them soon, waiting for support isn’t really one of my strong points though…

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2 comments on “A New Beginning for SnK!
  1. Aldrich Tan says:

    aba isa pang hindi natutulog 😛

  2. awesome bleach theme…love it…

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