What's This? A Kappa? Detective Conan's Newest Case!

After about a week or so of no Detective Conan manga updates just like the rest of our favorite mangas thanks to the holiday season, we finally get an update.  This newest case in File Number 719 entitled, “A Request From the Bottom of the Pond”, is even a stranger case than the Tori-Man case we had previously.

After receiving an investigation request from a woman by the name of  “Tatezato Mika”, Kagouro, Ran and Conan head towards Kuchibashi Village where they learn of an accident and possible murder that occured eleven years ago.

It was said that, eleven years ago, a young boy was found dead on a pond with his shoe stuck on a rock at the river leading to the said body of water.  Many believed it to be an accident while some blame the water spirit/demon called, “Kappa”. The trio, who believes that the murder they were supposed to be investigating as per request of a person who seemed not to exist, was this one concerning the drowned boy.  However, the father of the boy, Numayama Banzou, angered at the continued interest on the mystery of the death of his son told them to just let it go.

When Kagorou, Ran and Conan return to the make-shift grave that they have visited earlier, near where the ‘accident’ supposedly happened to find Ran’s cellphone, Ran encounters the mythical spirit/demon Kappa.  As if things aren’t crazy enough, the next morning, Numayama Banzou was found dead on the attic covered in a pungent liquid reeking of fish and clenching his deceased son’s belongings to his chest.

On this 719th chapter, we are also given a hint of what’s to come in the 14th movie of the franchise.  The movie, entitled, “The Lost Ship in the Sky”, which is set to be released in Japan this 17th of April has peeked my interest.  How so?  Well, a caption of the movie which goes as: “Has Kid Stolen Ran’s Heart?” is another reason to anticipate a movie of my favorite Detective after seeing a brief, and somewhat confusing, trailer at the end of the 13 DC movie. Mind you, I am not a fan of the Kid-Ran pairing.  I’m more of a Shinichi-Ran fan than anything else, which should have already been made apparent by my New Year’s Greeting photo, ne?  The movie image released can really peak anyone’s interest however, the question still remains, will this be as good as the early DC movies, or will this just be another not-so-good movie regarding Conan-slash-Shinichi?  Well, we’ll find out later this year.

Also, the remastering/enhancing of the previous DC episodes are still underway with it’s latest remastered episode, Episode 63: Big Monster Gomera Murder Case” which is to be aired (or has been aired, depending on when you are reading this) on NTV.  Our Japanese friends really are lucky, not only do they have the best video games the world has to offer but they also get to watch great series (not just anime but also live-action as well). Hahaha, I have always been pretty jealous of that fact, even though I can understand japanese and it is just a very, very, tiny jealousy I feel.  ^_^

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