American Idol Season 9

Shock. That was one of the many feelings that erupted when FOX announced that we won’t be seeing Paula Abdul return as a judge on the 10th season of American Idol. It was such a shocking news considering how they presented her in the previous season, showcasing her talent as a successful recording artist — something that a lot of people forgot and some people did not know. With Paula Abdul gone (much to the dismay of a lot of contestants), is there any good news for American Idol wannabes and fans who had been a part of the show for the last 8 seasons with her?

Season 9 of American Idol is about to be aired this coming Wednesday at 6:00 in the evening (GMT +8:00) and I, for one, am excited about it. Sure, it could not be helped that I would be (and so will the rest of the fans of the show) comparing this season from the previous ones when Paula was still around but, I am curious as to whether someone can top Adam Lambert’s performances in AI.

If you’ve watched the previous season, you will remember that he really did an amazing job with the show. Granted, he had a very weak country week but, that is to be expected since it isn’t his genre at all. It was such a shocker, even for the judges (I bet!) to see Kris Allen walk away with the title. Sure, he is pretty good and is a pretty decent guy but, talent-wise, Adam beats him by a mile. As a fan of David Cook, it pains me to say that he is even better (by far) than David Cook (and waaaayyyy, waaaaayyyyy better than Archuleta). So, will someone come along who can be much, much better than last year’s contestants? And I’m not just talking about someone better than Adam or Kris but better than Allison as well? The last female standing in the competition?

Well, we’ll have to find that one out week after week, once again. 

One will also wonder how wacky and crazy this year’s contestants will be. American Idol auditions aren’t complete without those contestants that are freakishly weird and (most of the time) out-of-tune and even tone deaf. Though, you have to admit, people like these make the audition episodes that much more interesting and entertaining.

Another must watch in this season is the “new” judge that will be taking over Paula’s work. Who will be crowned as the fourth judge to replace Paula after she quit American Idol? Well, for the audition phase we are going to see Kristin Chenoweth, Neil Patrick Harris, Victoria Beckham, and many others, including (as Fox had promised) Ellen DeGeneres as guest judges. As to whether Ellen will be the official replacement? Well, back in September, FOX announced that “YES” She will be the official replacement for Paula.

I love Ellen, and sure this is a risky move on the part of the producers over at FOX but, when you think about it, isn’t it good to have a “Normal Person’s Perspective” in the show? Besides, I’m sure Ellen will provide us with quite an interesting brand of entertainment in this new season.

There is, however, a sad news that comes with the tenth season of the acclaimed show. SIMON COWELL WILL BE QUITTING IDOL AFTER THIS SEASON!!! Yes, you’ve read it right. Simon will leave Idol at the end of 2010 to concentrate on bringing the American version of The X Factor to U.S. TV in 2011.

So, for Simon fans (like myself) let’s buckle in for your last season of American Idol with Simon Cowell. According to his brother, the King of Cruel will follow Paula’s footsteps and leave the Idol Judges’ panel after American Idol 2010. So, this will be the last season we have with Simon in this show. Hopefully, the X Factor will be aired here the same way that Idol is being aired.

So, will you still be watching Idol with these changes? Well, one thing is for sure, I know I will (though I am not happy about not having Paula and with Simon soon leaving the scene). As to whether I will still watch the show after this season, that’s entirely another story.

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