The Return of WSJ

After two weeks of non-WSJ updates, we finally get to read the newest chapters of our favorite manga. Bleach and Naruto chapters 388 and 478 are now available for download in our newly improved VIS Downloads Page. Also, Bleach, Naruto and xxxHolic manga chapters can now be read on our OMV.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the new chapters starting at the Bleach File 388: Eagle Without Wings. Ichigo is now face to face with Aizen however, it seems that, even in his Hollowfication form, Ichigo is no match against Aizen. Aizen’s words begins to get into Ichigo as he questions why he (Ichigo) is fighting against him (Aizen) when Orihime is safe and non of his friends are harmed.

Ichigo begins to lose faith in his abilities and his reason for fighting Aizen when Komamura and the rest of his allies (save those still in Hueco Mundo) comes to his aid and tells him that they know why he was sent to fight Aizen right after his battles in Hueco Mundo and that they will do anything to protect Ichigo.

The last page shows a very nice pic of the Soul Society Team protecting Kurosaki Ichigo.

Next up is the Naruto Manga chapter 478: Sussanoo Final Version. Sasuke using Itachi’s ghost as an illusion against Danzo proves useless as Danzo manages to see through the attack and place a curse on Sasuke making Sasuke unable to move. A secret behind Danzo’s sharingan and his powers is revealed and Madara realizes that Orochimaru may have remained in contact with Danzo which explains the Sharingan among other things. Just when Sasuke is about to be killed, his anger grows causing Sussanoo to power up and transform into it’s final version.

The question now is, will this be enough for him to kill Danzo considering that Sasuke ’s chakra is almost depleted?

Now, for CLAMP’s xxxHolic. Watanuki begins his search for the Crimson Pearl/Jewel. He learns that the item in question is not in the shop nor have he seen it before and thus, he uses his powers to search for it. They then learn that the Crimson Pearl is indeed somewhere else. Hence, Watanuki puts Doumeki in charge of searching for it outside of the shop.

What’s more intriguing than the jewel was the image that appeared in the basin that Watanuki used. Who was that figure that he saw? I have a feeling this current arc is going to become even more interesting.

Well, that’s about all for the manga updates. I am still waiting for the next chapter of Detective Conan. Anyways, thankfully, the manga releases are back on schedule again. So, I suppose it would be right to say ‘See You Next Week’ to our favorite manga.

Having said that, expect an update again later.

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