Improved VIS Downloads Page (Plus Future Site Plans)

I have been using my free time even more productively than I had previously used them… Well, that isn’t saying much considering how many things I have to do, projects that need to be finished, requests that need to be answered, jobs to do, and so forth. Anyways, the lack of updates in this blog is all thanks for having to work diligently at the VIS Downloads Page.

Anyways, I have finally uploaded the improved (and slightly different themed) Downloads Page that would make Downloading and requesting for downloads easier. Of course, it’s still missing quite a lot of content and, although I have them already ready, there are still manga chapters that are being uploaded into the server at this very moment, hence, some of the links on the downloads may not work (not counting music links and game links).

Apart from the Downloads Page, which is pretty much a-go now, I am also going to add one other category page for the VIS site. The Materials Page. As to what that page is all about, some people may already know it but, for those who are wondering… Sorry, I don’t plan on unveiling what it is yet, lol. The VIS OMV (Online Manga Viewer) will also be upgraded to have a more… creative and appealing look plus, we will be adding more manga titles there. If you want a manga title to be added, you can also tell me what manga you want (though I cannot guarantee that we will have a download of it just because it’s on the OMV).

A good news to Bleach fans, we have received the much awaited approval to host the Bleach manga files in the OMV as well as for downloads (approval came from my good friends, the scanlators and translators). Not only Bleach but, xxxHolic will also be hosted in the future along with other well-loved titles.

The Endlessia Page will also get a revamp on a much later date.

Hmm… Am I forgetting anything else? Oh yeah, expect the new WSJ chapters to be released early tomorrow so, be on the look out for that.

Well, it’s already pretty late (and I can imagine this will be posted on FB a little bit later than when I actually posted it (the time now is 11:08PM)). Anyways, I’ll post another update tomorrow on my free time and once the manga chapters are up. Now, I have to wait for the uploads to finish… Ja ne!

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