A SteamPunk Online Game Story

I used to play quite a number of MMORPGs back when I was still in highschool and a little bit of it when I was in college. I mean, highschool was the time when Ragnarok Online and MU first came into the Philippines. The first time when the word MMORPG was heard of in the Pearl of the Orient. Not counting Phantasy Star 0, Animal Crossing, or any other console online games other than the ones from the PC, then I would have to say that it had been a looong while since I played any MMORPGs.

So, what made me want to try playing a Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game again?

I will laugh as I say that it is a secret~. But, joking aside, I am absolutely amazed at one particular MMORPG that I had stumbled on.

They are known for the Megami Tensei series, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series, Trauma Center series, Etrian Odyssey series and other games such as, ADVAN Racing, Amazing Tater, Bio-Senshi, Bonk’s Adventure, Bonk’s Adventure, deSpiria, Dungeon Explorer, Hellnight, Kartia, Kwirk, Lunacy, Maken X, Wacky Races, Bomberman World, Tactics Ogre, Brigandine, Rhapsody, Thousand Arms, Tail Concerto, Hoshigami, Sol Divide, Dual Hearts, Choro Q, Stella Deus, Magna Carta, Metal Saga, Odin Sphere, Growlanser, Arcana Heart, Dokapon Kingdom, Lufia, Disgaea, DemiKids, Shining Soul, River City Ransom EX, Riviera: The Promised Land, Summon Night, Battle B-Daman, Super Robot Taisen, Yggdra Union, Puyo Pop Fever, Izuna, Luminous Arc, Rondo of Swords, Draglade, Legacy of Ys, Knights in the Nightmare, Monster Kingdom, R-type Command, Crimson Gem Saga, Class of Heroes, Metal Slug, Baroque, Spectral Force, Zoids Assault, Demon’s Souls, and 3D Dot Game Heroes to name a few.

A Japanese computer and video game developer, publisher, and distributor headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Known for developing role-playing series Shin Megami Tensei which, counting spin-offs, has dozens of installments. It is none other than Atlus.

Having said that, you may be wondering what Atlus has got to do with this post. Well, the answer is because it is Atlus Online who developed, published and distributed this awesome, cool, steampunk themed MMORPG called Neo Steam.

Now, there are two ‘versions’ of Neo Steam. One, is the US-based Neo Steam while the other is Shattered Continent, the International version of the said online game.

Like all MMORPGs, Neo Steam also has it’s own background story for now, let me share the prelude as you basically learn the story of the game as you go.

In ancient times, the races of Chrysalis enjoyed lives of luxury in a world where science and magic harmoniously coexisted. The Pom, a race whose inquisitive minds and nimble fingers gave them a natural inclination for engineering, created many useful machines. The most industrious of the Pom were the Maestros, the keepers of technology. Their most important discovery was how to gather, store, and utilize a powerful resource known as “Neo Steam.” Once the secrets of Neo Steam had been unlocked, the world entered a golden age of technology and learning.

However, the King feared the Maestros would one day use their inventions to overthrow him, so he banished them all to a remote island. There, they continued their research until one fateful day came when a great earthquake struck Chrysalis. The land was torn apart, shattered into three main continents. Cities were ruined, centers of knowledge and culture crumbled, and civilization spiraled into a darker age…

In the centuries that followed, three nations arose on the new continents: the Kingdom of Elerd, the Republic of Rogwel, and the Taxn Alliance. Each struggled with limited resources and tried desperately to rebuild their societies. But it was not long before the machines of old began being unearthed. When the new generations rediscovered the power of Neo Steam and the ancient Maestros’ inventions, conflict broke out between the nations. Although the Taxns tried to remain neutral and not rely on these new discoveries, even they too got caught up in the massive war between Elerd and Rogwel. Soon, the entire world would be up in arms, and citizens of all nations would find themselves spilling the blood of their brethren all over the chance to gain control of the most powerful resource in the land… Neo Steam.

Now, what does Neo Steam have to offer that no other MMORPG has offered? What are it’s key features? Well, here are some of them.

  • Charming and unusual fantasy steampunk story and aesthetics bring players incredible machines, buildings and creatures. The world of Neo Steam is influenced by the extraordinary steampunk fantasy genre, which incorporates 19th century steam-based technology with modern and futuristic inventions.
  • Multiple exciting modes of PvP allow players to battle their opponents in a variety of ways, like invading the enemy nation or one-on-one battles.
  • Helpful creatures lend a hand throughout the journey. Not only is every player’s adventure enhanced by a unique pet of their choice, but there are also a variety of mounts, ranging from magical beasts to mechanized vehicles.
  • Extensive character customization is just the beginning. Players have a number of specialized classes to choose from and the ability to customize their pets and skills to suit their play styles. In addition, they can use steam technology to upgrade their equipment and gain access to additional abilities.
  • A unique MMO on a unique gaming portal. Atlus Online is a daily destination for gaming, anime and Atlus fans around the world. As its first announced project, Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent embodies the site’s commitment to quality, community focused content.
  • Another thing that was quite entertaining and original to this game is the FMVs available in game. There’s an opening movie when you first play the game, there’s FMVs for riding the balloon and a whole other set of movies that you can watch just like playing an RPG game on any available console. And the FMVs aren’t mediocre either, they are pretty well made.

    I just started playing yesterday and I am so into this game. The world of Chrysalis is an amazing place with so many things to do and so many amazing places to visit. Even the players are very kind and the whole community is helpful. They don’t call beginners ‘newbies’ but rather ‘lowbies’ which is low-leveled beginners.

    Anyways, you can easily start MMORPG-ing with this game, whether you are a hard core gamer or a casual gamer, I am quite sure you’ll enjoy playing Neo Steam. Yep, trust Atlus to come up with something as amazing as this.

    Well, hope to see some familiar faces soon there. *grins* I don’t think I need to tell you guys what my name is over there considering that it should be pretty obvious by now. *wink*

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