479 & 389: WSJ Naruto and Bleach Updates

Friday once again and, it seems that this week is the most eventful week I had in this current year. Although, the year has only just begun so I can’t really say for certain that it is the most eventful week. Anyways, chapter 479th of Naruto entitled, “Izanagi” and chapter 389 of Bleach, entitled, “Winged Eagles 2? is now available for download at the VIS Downloads Page or for reading at the VIS OMV.

Actually, the currently released Naruto manga is all about Izanagi — the most powerful Uchiha genjustsu known in the ninja-world, which, Danzo is currently using against SasuGAY (yes, I still do not like that character even though he had been the star of the manga for a couple of weeks now). SasuGAY (I won’t stop calling him that, too), having already learned the secret of Danzo’s jutsu’s uses what he believes to be the perfect way to defeat Danzo. Basically, it tells how SasuGAY plans to drag the battle further while making sure Danzo uses all of the Sharingan eyes with his Izanagi.

The battle, although filled with various revelations is, in my opinion, simply just dragging for far too long — a common occurrence in this particular manga title, which has made Naruto quite bland in my book, however.

Now, shall we head on to the next, and currently more interesting manga, Bleach?

It would be suffice to say that Ichigo is bewildered and surprise at the thought of everyone willing to help him in the battle against Aizen. However, as Hitsugaya begins his fight, which he calls ‘violence’, against Aizen, Ichigo is told that this battle is not his alone — everyone is fighting not just to save the world (as cliched as that sounds) but also to live and to give Ichigo the chance, an opening, to defeat Aizen.

Aizen, however, despite the unfair advantage of his foes, takes on HItsugaya and the other captains while angering Hitsugaya further. The chapter ends with Koryaku saying how Hitsugaya was rushing it too much soon after Hitsugaya releases his Bankai.

You may have already noticed but, I’d been using BLEACH as the ‘cover image’ for the posts for 2 weeks now. Well, that may seem unfair to Naruto fans but, until Naruto gives a chapter that is better than the ones we have been having, then, I will continue to upload what seems to be the final arc of the Bleach series as the ‘cover image’.

Well, that’s that. No xxxHolic just yet and there is no DC updates as well this week since the mangakas are on a break. Hopefully, we will have some updates on those mangas next week *crosses fingers*.

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