The Kappa’s True Form!

Finally, after a week of no update, Detective Conan finally closes off it’s Kappa case with an ‘okay’ ending. Chapter 721, entitled, The Kappa’s True Form, had just been released translated in english by our friends from DCTP scans.

All was revealed in this chapter regarding the death of Tatsuhiko-kun, how his father died and the trick behind the death of Tatsuhiko-kun’s father. I had my suspicions on who the murderer could be based on the Kappa that Ran saw but, boy was I surprised that, for the first time ever since I was introduced to this awesome Sherlock Holmes-esque manga, I got the wrong culprit! XP

Apparently, it wasn’t the investigative journalist dude who was the culprit but someone else. Ran’s picture of the Kappa and the whole Kappa affair had totally taken me off track.

Turns out, it was the professor who killed Tatsuhiko-kun’s father all because he thought that the father forced his son to pretend to be a Kappa on the day that the son died. As it was revealed, Tatsuhiko-kun dressed up as a Kappa on his own accord, without his father telling him anything. So, basically, the professor just killed off someone who was as innocent as just about everyone else in the room save for him (the professor).

It also turned out that the Kappa figure Ran saw was the investigative journalist. Like always, Conan managed to solve this mystery with the help of Inspector Yamamura, whom Conan used instead of Kagoro.

Sadly though, I still don’t have permission from DCTP to upload their scanlations on my site or on my online manga viewer. I’m still waiting for their reply to the email I sent so, well, no DC downloads and online manga reading from VIS.

Thankfully, Detective Conan is back on schedule. The mangaka, Aoyama Gosho WILL NOT be taking any breaks this week or the next. I can’t wait for the next DC case!

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