Heroes of Olympus!! Gyaa!!

If you have been following me, you would know how Rick Riordan is my favorite author and his Percy Jackson series is my favorite book. You would also know how I did not like the movie and the game that came out with it. So, you should not be surprised to note that I have pre-ordered a copy of Sir Rick Riordan’s newest work, the sequel to the PJatO series: Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero a couple of days ago (when my dad finally agreed to lend me his credit card. XD).

I know that it still a couple of months away but, after reading the sample chapters on the book, I am so psyched that I can’t help wishing time would spin faster just so we could go to October and my copy could be shipped and I would be able to read the new book.

Sir Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero features a couple of new demi-gods and leading them is the amnesiac demigod, Jason, his “girlfriend” Piper and his bestfriend, Leo. The cast of the previous books also returns meaning we get to read more about Percy, Annabeth and the rest of the gang. However, it would seem that trouble is once again brewing as the plot revolves around the prophecy foretold in the final book.

It is revealed in the sample chapters that Percy is missing (I’m guessing that’s why the title is ‘The Lost Hero’) for three days and that Annabeth, learns upon a dream, that the answer lay within the one in her dreams that was wearing one shoe (Jason).

Sir Rick Riordan promises this to be more than just a Percy Jackson book and more than just another Camp Half-Blood book and just by reading the sample chapters, I know that we are in for an amazing ride in his new book.

As I was not allowed going overboard with using my dad’s credit card, I have to wait from Nov. 12-26 before I could get my copy (I did not pay for the shipping fee that would allow me to get my hands on the book sooner) which is a bit of a bummer for me but, it’s better than waiting for months just for the stores here to sell that book (I hate bookstores around here, they charge too much and they’re late).

Gahh! I wonder what I can do to speed the days up faster, lol.

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