Month: December 2010

Out With the Old; In With the New!

Family Picture 2011

The sounds of firecrackers and fireworks echoes through the night even hours before the appointed time.  Families begin to gather in their homes.  Grandmothers and mothers–who knew a thing or two about superstitions–wear polka-dotted dresses, shirts, or skirts. 13 round

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The Baguio Adventure

At Baguio With Our Cousins

I always did like going to new places.  I don’t usually end up going anywhere that far, though.  The farthest place we’ve been to (and by ‘we’, I mean my family and I) was Romblon and that was a long,

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A Very, Merry Christmas!

Jump Shot

For as long as I could remember, most of our Christmas celebration had been redundant.  We would usually attend the midnight mass, eat Nochebuena (the Christmas Eve dinner), open presents and just go to sleep after that.  There are occasions

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