A Very, Merry Christmas!

For as long as I could remember, most of our Christmas celebration had been redundant.  We would usually attend the midnight mass, eat Nochebuena (the Christmas Eve dinner), open presents and just go to sleep after that.  There are occasions when we (me and my sisters in particular) stay up so late that when we wake up the next day (which is the actual Christmas day), it would already be an hour or so before lunch.  That was why this Christmas was really very different from the ones we were used to celebrating.

Me and Abby and Pueblo

Abby and Me at one of the balconies in Pueblo por la Playa


My sister, Mara taking in the scenery...well, kinda

For one, we didn’t have our Christmas celebration at home.  Nope.  We actually had our celebration at Pueblo por la Playa in Pagbilao, Quezon with our Auntie Berly, Uncle Dan, and our cousins: Ate Mei, Patrick, and Anna.  Our Christmas celebration didn’t even start at Christmas Eve but rather on the 23rd of December, 2 days before Christmas Day.

We stayed at Pueblo for three days, courtesy of my Auntie Berly.  Ate Mei had to go back to Manila the next day, though to welcome Ate Me-Anne who was coming home from Singapore.

Ate Mei with my sisters Mara and Abby

Ate Mei with my sisters Mara and Abby

It was fun, staying in Pueblo for three days.  I enjoyed dipping in the pool (well, I only swam once during the first day.  Couldn’t swim again since the water was freezing and I only swam in the pool since I’m not really a fan of swimming in the ocean), lounging about at the beach, walking in the sand, and watching my sisters, my uncle and my cousins kayaking.

Anna and Patrick

My cousins Anna and Patrick on the kayak

I could have gone kayaking with them.  The thing is, I really don’t like to go farther than the beach.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the ocean–well, love watching the ocean at least.  I just couldn’t get the thought of the kayak dipping over and me being unable to swim (although I do know how to swim, XD).  Anyways, that’s beside the point.  Even though I didn’t get to ride the kayak, I did enjoy watching them.


I'm at the top of the world!!...sort of...

Another thing that I love about staying at Pueblo was the serenity of the place.  You could relax just by hearing the waves lapping on the shore, the cool breeze tickling your skin and making the Palm Trees sway, the sound of their leaves creating a symphony with the waves that you can just lose yourself in bliss.  Ah, I could almost feel myself being drawn back to those nights of lounging just outside the house we were staying in, sitting on the hammock.  Though, I did actually enjoy climbing up on one of the platforms at the beach rather than lounging at the hammock.

Funny thing is, even though we were at the beach, it was so cold that I end up wearing my jacket while walking around in the beach.  I didn’t swim wearing my jacket though (but I would have if it were allowed because, seriously, the water was freaking cold).


I forgot what this dessert was called, lol, but it was delicious!

Another thing that I enjoyed was the food.  Boy, I have never seen huge servings of Blueberry Cheesecakes in my 22 years of existence!  I have never ate most of the things I have eaten before either.  This Christmas was the first time I ever tasted Turkey, among other things.  It is also the first time, after having been sick the week before, that I ate so much that I could have sworn my tummy would explode.  But the food was delicious and the waiters were pretty nice.  I can’t remember seeing any one of them with a scowl on their faces, unlike some of the establishments that I have been in.

Computing Mara

Compute it, Mara! For the love of God, compute it!! XD

One of the funniest moments in our Christmas celebration was when Mara was asked to check the chit for the first night that we ate at Pueblo.  She was actually given this huge calculator to do her thing (being a graduating Accountancy student and all).  I had to stop myself from laughing out loud while she was doing it.  It was actually pretty hard to laugh that night since I was so full!

Looking Out

Me: "What's that over there?" Abby: "Where?"

Apart from eating, resting, swimming, walking down the beach, watching my cousins and my sisters kayak and play beach volleyball, we also enjoyed taking pictures and videos (thanks to our new sony video camera given to us by our Auntie Berly, Uncle Dan, Patrick and Anna).  I would have uploaded every, single one of those photos and videos if I had it with me at the moment (unfortunately, it’s still currently in the video cam, I haven’t transfered it yet).

Our Family at Pueblo

Our first dinner at Pueblo por la Playa

Of course, what made this Christmas fun and special isn’t just because we got to spend it somewhere else.  What made this Christmas fun was because we got to spend it with the people that we love–our family.

Jump Shot

One, two, three...JUMP! From left to right: Anna, Ate Mei, Me, Mara, and Abby.

To end this post (as I have to get ready to go to Baguio) here is the final photo that I could share at the moment.  As Ate Mei said, nothing is ever complete without the jump shot.  It took us several tries to finally get it right, and it was Patrick who took the shot.  I remember my foot feeling sore from having to jump over and over again but when we saw the picture, it looked pretty cool…although I have to say, my hair looks weird…

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3 comments on “A Very, Merry Christmas!
  1. Mei Nebreja says:

    i just saw this vi-an! galing-galing naman!!! tawa ako ng tawa nung binabasa ko ito! :-Dang saya saya talaga nung vacation! 🙂 tama ka, kaka-iba siya this year 🙂 i really had fun with all of you…kaya sana maulit muli!miss you girls! mwah!

  2. want to spend Christmas with us December 2011?? our house is always open to your family specially during the Christmas season….

  3. I had a great time with you girls, glad you decided to come along! Also, that dessert looks like a pair of crêpes, and chocolate chip ones if I remember the menu correctly.

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