Year: 2011

A Busy December


I am sooo behind schedule right now.  December does that to me every time and even more so this year since (1) we had been going back and forth from Lucena to Manila and back again because of Mara whom we

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Shoot For The Moon!

I am so dang sleepy right now, even though I managed to sleep quite early last night.  I’ve been working hard on editing and adding some effects for the film we will be presenting on our Christmas Party tomorrow so…yeah…it’s

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Cornering People VS Getting Them In Your Corner

Day seven of the My Little Devotional Book and it’s five days before Christmas and eleven before my birthday!  Yey! Anyways, that’s beside the point.  The point is, this chapter is a pretty good one.  And, like always, I intend to

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The State of A Man’s Heart…

So, I was supposed to have already posted about our day in Enchanted Kingdom, however, thanks to Youtube being an ass and not cooperating with the videos I’m trying to upload (and, let me tell you, there are a lot

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Little Daniel X: Out of Time Blunder

So, I made a totally, honest mistake with the previous Daniel X: Out of Time update.  Instead of uploading the first chapter after the Prologue, I ended up uploading/publishing the second chapter.  So, I had to fix that.  The chapter that

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