Month: January 2011

Ebook Section Up!


Before I lost all of my files in my website, I had an Ebook downloads and storage section up and running.  It was a catalog of sorts for people who love to read books and who uses Stanza to read

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Naruto 525 and Bleach 434

Bleach 434

Well, it seems that I am still not used to not relying on SleepyFans even when it is already clear that they would no longer scanlate manga.  I have gotten so used to posting WSJ updates that I have forgotten

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The Ghost of Time

Detective Conan 763 The Ghost of Time

A big mystery envelops Conan as the culprit–the person who killed the mistress in the most recent Detective Conan case–leaves no clues as to how he/she managed to kill the mistress. In the most recent manga chapter–entitled: “The Ghost of

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Endlessia Website Under Construction


Since the whole fiasco with my account on Jollyworks Hosting being ‘accidentally’ deleted (as they have put it), a lot of my files from the various websites that I have made were compromised–that’s about one year’s worth of work for

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A “Winged” Novel Update

Winged, Book 1: The Awakening cover

Alright a little bit of update on the novel I am working on… So I am still busy working on the first book of the Winged series.  I’ve finished writing the rough draft of the whole thing a couple of

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