Wolf-Crier Detective Conan Case Closed!

The most recent Detective Conan case–Wolf Crier–is now closed (No pun intended on the title, though) and it only took three chapters to do it.  I suppose this being a Detective Boys case and being a “filler”, it was bound to be such a short case.

Detective Conan 761Thanks to our friends over at DCTP, we have the newest chapter from Detective Conan on our new Online Manga Viewer.

Now what can we say about this case?  Well, the conclusion is pretty much what we would have expected (well, at least there are some of us who suspected it).  The Detective Boys (minus Conan who is sick for the most part) managed to figure out the truth behind the case with the use of a word game.  If you’re not quite familiar with the japanese language, this would seem like just another random attempt to come up with an explanation on how to solve the case.

This case also showcases just how smart Haibara-san is since she is mostly overshadowed by Conan’s wits.  Of course, Conan is still the best of them having come to the same conclusion as his friends in a much shorter time.

I won’t say much more than that.  Just read the recent chapter of the manga, which is entitled: “The Truth of the Karuta Cards”.  Tomorrow, we’ll have the newest chapters from both BLEACH and Naruto.

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