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While waiting for the most recent Weekly Shonen Jump update, I decided to go on ahead and add a little bit of a new ‘feature’ to the Sakura no Kokoro website.

ForumsA long, long time ago, I had installed the VIS Forums.  Unfortunately, that forum didn’t work out too well–to many spams, annoying posts, and it was quite a large forum (what with me using Invision Power Boards on it).  Thanks to that, I had to trash the whole thing.  Now, a year later, I’ve brought the forums back–only this time I didn’t use some big-shot Bulletin Board System such as IPB or vBulletin, I went with the simpler kind (and the kind that is actually for free).

Thanks to the WP-Forum Server, I have managed to add a BBS to the blog. It doesn’t have much yet but I figured it would serve some good and would be easier to manage than the VISForums.  If you’re curious, I named it (dun-dun-dun-duuhh) The SnK BBS.  Yeah, I know.  Not much creativity with the naming there.

Anyways, I’m still thinking up ways to make Sakura no Kokoro better (and more interactive).  If you got any ideas you may want to share, don’t hesitate to post them over at the forum:

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