Naruto 523 and Bleach 433 Now Up!

After a week of not having any Jump releases, we finally have the newest Naruto and Bleach manga chapters on our servers ready to be read by all who wants to read them.

I’ll just post a brief summary of the chapters here, but if you don’t want to read them and want to head on over reading the manga chapters themselves, then just head on over our Manga Viewer and click on the Manga you want to read.

Anywas, first up is Bleach (because right now, Bleach is much more interesting than Naruto).

Ichigo and GinjoIchigo and Chad meet at Ginjo’s place.  Of course, Ichigo is surprised to see Chad there and demanded answers.  Ginjo tries to calm Ichigo down and succeeds then proceeds to tell Ichigo what he wanted to know.  He asks him if Ichigo knows why there are holes in a Hollow’s chests and proceeds to explain why that is and where there (Ginjo and his troupe’s) powers come from.  He then tells Ichigo that he could return to being a Shinigami with their help–should he accept it.  Of course, Ichigo accepts and Ginjo and his group are thankful of him for it.  Of course, one has to wonder, is there a catch or are they doing this out of good will?  Well, we won’t know until we can read the rest of the chapters for this arc.

The 433rd chapter of the Bleach Manga is entitled: The Six FullBringers and you can read this latest chapter here.

The Seven Legendary SwordsmenIn the Naruto Universe…

The Ninja Alliance is still facing off with the Akatsuki.  The Seven Ninja Swordsmen had appeared and are prepared to kill everyone within their sights as the mist begins to grow denser around them.  Kakashi conceives a plan to defeat Zabasuza as ninjas right to left are being killed by the legendary swordsmen.  Just when Kakashi was about to strike Zabasuza down, Haku intercepts him and, like the battle in the past, uses his body as a shield against Kakashi’s attack.  Now, rooted in place, Kakashi is in-trouble as Zabasuza counter-attacks.  Naruto has yet to make his appearance.  The thing is, he may not be making an appearance in this battle.  Who knows what he is doing either.

This chapter is entitled, “The Legendary Seven Ninja Swordsmen” and is readable online by clicking on this link.

That’s it for the WSJ update we have for this week.  Enjoy the weekends, everyone!

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