A New Case: Like Clockwork

After a couple of weeks of having to deal with cases featuring Conan with the Detective Boys, we finally get to see Mouri and Ran again in action (along with Conan, of course!).

Detective Conan 762pg12This new case: Like Clockwork,  is–as you may have already guessed–a case that involves clocks.  Opening up with the 762nd chapter: Watchman of Time, we are introduced to the characters involving the case and the case itself.

Hoshina Rukaku, is a 50-year-old clock enthusiast (more or less) who has been receiving death threats ever since 2 years ago from a man known as the ‘Watchman of Time’.  Detective Mouri was hired by the mistress to be her bodyguard on her birthday, as well as to find the identity of the Watchman of Time.

Detective Conan 762pg16The Detective, along with Ran and Conan, are then invited to the mistress’s birthday in hopes of stopping the culprit from committing the crime of murdering Hoshina Rukaku.  Unfortunately, even with Detective Mouri and Conan there, things did not go according to what the mistress had planned as she died right in the midst of her 50th birthday party.

Now, Detective Mouri and Conan have to figure out how the crime was committed and uncover the identity of the culprit, Watchman of Time.  Not only that but could the death of the previous clock technician have anything to do with the mistress’s death as well?

This case promises to be another mind-bender, although I do hope that it would be longer and more interesting than the previous cases that had been released.  Of course, I would want to call for another Shinichi-Ran moment, unfortunately, I don’t think we would be seeing anything like that from this case.

Once again thanks to our friends over at DCTP for providing us with the scans. You can read this chapter, as well as the previous cases, on our Manga Page.

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