Fare Thee Well, SleepyFans (Plus Naruto 524)

It’s a pretty sad day for the scanlation world, and for the many fans of SleepyFans who had been faithful to the said scanlation group for so long.  Today, SleepyFans has finally announced that they are leaving the scanlation scene.

On their blog (http://sleepyfansscans.blogspot.com/), Krash posted an article entitled: Group is done 🙁 and had this to say to the fans who had supported them throughout the years:

Looks like the group can’t do this anymore

We wanted to try for at least one more issue but looks like we won’t get around to doing this week’s Jump which is a shame
Well it was an excellent experience and we’re glad you all liked our scans so much

Goodbye, SleepyFansAs you all know, Sakura no Kokoro gets its scans of Naruto and Bleach from SleepyFans (who does a great job scanlating these manga series, especially the Bakuman on–since I believe they are the only ones doing it).  So that posses a question: where are we going to get our Weekly Shonen Jump fixes now?

Well, Binktopia seems to be the answer.  Even though their scans of Naruto and Bleach are of lower quality (I am sorry but that is true), they are the ones we would be turning to for now (unless by some miracle SleepyFans decides to return to the scene, then we’ll be using their work instead).

Anyways, we now have the 524th chapter of Naruto uploaded on our Online Manga Viewer.  This week’s chapter is entitled: Things I Want to Protect and it closes up the battle between Kakashi and Zabasuza.

Naruto 524Kakashi remembers Naruto’s words where the young Naruto tells Kakashi that he likes Haku and Zabasuza.  Kakashi is thankful that those two were the first real opponents that Naruto fought against for it helped Naruto grow as a ninja.  Having seen Zabasuza cut Haku down without any emotion (as compared to when this first happened during the battle at Tenshi bridge), Kakashi got pissed off and that was when the battle ended.  With a still pissed off Kakashi, he turns to Sai for help as they plan to use a sealing jutsu that is, apparently, only known by those in Root.

Meanwhile, Gaara seems to be the next one to be featured on the spotlight as he senses an enemy closing in on them.

You can read this chapter by clicking on this link.

As for the Bleach manga chapter 434.  Well, we’re still working on it.  I will post a short article when I’ve uploaded the chapters on our Manga Viewer.  Until then, enjoy this one.

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