The Ghost of Time

A big mystery envelops Conan as the culprit–the person who killed the mistress in the most recent Detective Conan case–leaves no clues as to how he/she managed to kill the mistress.

The Watchman of Time's LetterIn the most recent manga chapter–entitled: “The Ghost of Time“–of the acclaimed Detective Conan manga series, Conan, Kogoro, Inspector Megure and Takagi all try to find the culprit who had stabbed the mistress in her heart during the exact moment of her birth making the Watchman of Time’s letter come true.

As the letter went, the Watchman of Time had written that he shall “put an end to your alloted time using a formless sword” and true enough they couldn’t find the murder weapon although they have managed to (as always) pinpoint that the culprit is still within the building.

The Ghost of Time--Detective Conan 763There are four suspects in this most recent Detective Conan arc namely: the architect, Karube; the interior designer and sister of the deceased technician, Souo-san; Furugaki, the craftsman who constructed the Great Clock; and Oume-san the butler.  But before Conan and Kogoro could unveil the culprit’s identity, they have one wall they need to climb over–how did the culprit manage to murder the mistress?

Finding the culprit and the murder weaponIt seems, however, that Conan had found the answer to that question and all the answers they need to find lay with the clock that played a big role in this murder case.

Having said that, who do you think is the culprit?  Is it Karube, Souo, Furugaki, or Oume?  And what is the motive behind the murder?  Could it really be an act of revenge against the death of the former technician?

Well, we’ll find the answers soon (next week when the next chapter comes out on the 2nd of February).  Until then, let’s all try to make our own deductions based on the clues we have been given from the two chapters.

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