Naruto 525 and Bleach 434

Well, it seems that I am still not used to not relying on SleepyFans even when it is already clear that they would no longer scanlate manga.  I have gotten so used to posting WSJ updates that I have forgotten to upload the recent Naruto and Bleach manga chapters until now.

Anyways, from Binktopia, we give you the most recent Naruto and Bleach manga chapters–which you can read online via our Online Manga Viewer page.

A little bit of a summary on these new chapters.

First up, Naruto’s 525th chapter: The Kages Revived.

Naruto 525 The Kages RevivalThe war rages on as the Ninja Alliance and the Akatsuki Army meets face to face.  The various divisions of the Ninja Alliance army had finally laid their eyes on the undead army and have seen their dead allies being used against them.  One of those who were brought back to fight against the Ninja Alliance is the fourth Kazekage–Gaara’s father.  Are we expecting a battle between father and son?  Well, I think that’s where this is going.

Another theory I have developed, considering how many resurrected ninjas are being sent in by Kabuto, is that the only way for the Ninja Alliance to defeat every single undead is with the help of Naruto.  Remember, Naruto’s nine-tails power has evolved and Yamato-sensei had quoted that it seems like a power that calls upon life (I don’t exactly remember the words he used, but it has that kind of message).

Bleach 434If that is the case, are we expecting Naruto to arrive during the time when the Ninja Alliance is almost being beaten to a pulp by the undead?  Well, I think that that’s what we could expect.

You can read this latest chapter by heading on over to this page.

Moving on to Bleach.  It seems we are not getting double chapters this week as Kishimoto only has this one chapter for us.  Chapter 434: Berry in the Box tells of the start of Ichigo’s training.  His training, which is for him to use his Fullbring would occur within the inside of a doll house.  Yes, you read that right.  A doll house.  That’s about all I can say for this chapter since there wasn’t really that much going on (a little bit of a reprieve since we’ve been having amazing chapters maybe?).

Anyways, you can read this chapter by heading on over to this page.

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