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Before I lost all of my files in my website, I had an Ebook downloads and storage section up and running.  It was a catalog of sorts for people who love to read books and who uses Stanza to read them.  I had a lot of ebooks uploaded there and when the whole incident involving the ‘mysterious cron job accident’ with Jollyworks Hosting (yes, I still can’t get over it), the ebooks I have worked so hard to upload along with my other important files and projects were all deleted.

Books!Anyways, I am happy, however, to announce that I have started rebuilding my Ebook catalog for Stanza users.  So far, I only have a handful of books uploaded already but I am planning on adding more of them on a daily basis.  You can check out our current catalog by clicking on the Ebooks Section on my website’s menu.

I’m still building it up and have only set up a number of books/series that begins with the letter ‘A’ (yes, I am doing it alphabetically).  Hopefully I would also be able to finish the whole ‘A’ series section sometime this week.  There are a lot of books that starts with the letter ‘A’.

To be able to read this books you must either have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad and you must have Stanza installed.  If you are an Android Phone user, you need to have installed Aldiko.  You can read the instructions on how to download the books by heading on over to this page.

You can also request for the Ebooks you would like to have uploaded.

Please avoid downloading them all at once and only download them if you have bought a legit copy for yourself.  I am not doing this so that people could have a free copy of all the great books out there.  I am doing this so that people who have a copy of the book can read it digitally on their mobile devices.   And also, avoid hotlinking the files to your own accounts.  If you want to share them in your own websites then upload them to your own websites!

That’s about all the update I have for now.

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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3 comments on “Ebook Section Up!
  1. i know this is not the place to be asking this but facebook and twitter are banned in our college. i need help on CGI(Animation and stuff). Would be a real help if you can pull something out of your magic hat for me. btw, its a seminar. looking forward to your reply. Swati says hello from hell.

    • What kind of help? What do you need?
      BTW, tell Swati I said ‘hi’ back. XD

      • well, its my topic for the seminar. So i needed some info on how the whole CGI thing works and how to create computer graphics and animation. Or, since you’ve already made the CoE game, can you give me info on how to create a video game ? Stuff like what software you used, the scripting language used, how you incorporated graphics and stuff, all in a nutshell. I’m thinking on delivering something on Video game design starting from basic ping-pong games all the way to playstation and xbox level games. A basic overview you could call it. I don’t know how i’ll make this up to you but i will somehow(Fancy owning a super-car maybe XD). Hope you can figure something out, i’d really appreciate it.
        P.S. Sorry for posting in the wrong section …… again XD

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