The Ruler of Time

DCTP really is uber fast with their translations.  Just a day after the release of the 764th chapter (or file) for the acclaimed manga series Detective Conan, they have already translated and distributed the chapter.  Kudos to them!

recreating the crime sceneAnyways, this newest chapter to the Like Clockwork case is entitled “The Ruler of Time“.  The big question that Kagouro Mouri and the rest of the police force are wondering revolves around how the culprit managed to escape without leaving any traces of blood and where said culprit hid the murder weapon.  Of course, just before the police could go and wrap up the investigation, Conan decides to use his tranquilizer gun and (you guessed it) put Kagouro to sleep.

Conan has figured out the trick and with the help of Detective Takagi, sets the room up to show just how the trick was devised and how the murder was done.  They recreated the exact moment of the mistress’ death–even going so far as to make Inspector Megure (who was the one playing the role of the victim) blow out the candles.

like clockworkIt was then that the trick the murderer used was revealed and explained to everyone.  It would be quite hard and confusing to explain it here so just head on over our Manga Viewer page and read the chapter from there to learn about the trick and who the culprit was (I don’t want to spoil that).

With this chapter, the Like Clockwork case is closed.  I have to say, the method used to kill the mistress and who the culprit was was ingenious.  I thought it was the older clock technician who was the murderer but this case completely threw my deductions off. XD

Oh well.

Anyways, the publication of the next chapter would be on the 9th of this month so we can expect the next case to start by the 10th. That’s all I have for now.

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