Darui’s Technique and Ichigo’s Dollhouse Dilemma!

Even though our VIS Online Manga Viewer was already hosting the most recent chapters of Naruto and Bleach as early as yesterday, I kinda got lazy in making a post about it (after just having written that DC post).  Which is why, I am only just writing this now.  Anyways, I am kind of busy at the moment what with the competition drawing close (but that’s a topic for another day), so let’s cut the idle chit-chat and go straight to business.  What does Bleach and Naruto have in-store for us this week?

Let’s start with Bleach, yeah?

Ichigo versus the Pig!!This week’s chapter 435 is given the title of “Panic at the Dollhouse” and can be read by going to our Online Manga Viewer page.

Ichigo is stuck inside a dollhouse.  After Riruka (anyone notice how close that name is with ‘Rukia’? Just saying…) had use her fullbring on Ichigo to transport and make him minuscule inside her dollhouse, she tasks Ichigo with defeating a pig-like mascot with a hooligan trapped inside (whom Riruka calls ‘Mr. Pork’).  This would serve as Ichigo’s training in using his fullbring.  The problem is that Ichigo has no idea on how to do just that, add Riruka’s unhelpful guidance and a 15-minute deadline, it seems Ichigo is in a pinch!

Ichigo FullbringJust when Ichigo realizes what he needs to do (or what he needs to use his fullbring), the time expires and his mascot-like enemy has gone into a much dangerous rampage inside the dollhouse.  Ichigo’s probably going to unleash his fullbring next week.  Now, what could his fullbring be like?  Will it turn him back into a Shinigami and bring his powers back or are we in for a big surprise and a twist from Kubo-san?

Now that we got Bleach out of the way, let’s head on to Naruto.

Zetsu's AggendaAh, yes…what can I say about the newest chapter?  Well, it seems Kishimoto-san is trying to bring the excitement back to the manga.  Unfortunately, it seems to fall short.  It didn’t quite pull it off this week, I guess that’s because it seems the whole thing is now just dragging.

Darui's SquadAnyways, the chapter opens up with the Feudal Lords, whom Zetsu is trying to find (and assassinate, most probably).  Unfortunately for Zetsu, the Ninja Alliance has devised a plan to make sure that the enemy does not find the Lords that easily.  But Zetsu has some trick up his sleeves.

The Undead EnemiesMeanwhile, Darui’s squad has begun fighting with the enemies emerging from the beach front.  This includes familiar (and already dead-but-resurrected-with-the-2nd-Hokage’s-Technique) characters such as Lady Chiyo, Azuma, and Neiji’s father.  Darui also unleashes his technique–a technique passed down to him and only him–the Black Lightning.

With such strong enemies coming at them, would Darui’s technique and elemental-affinity be enough to stop the enemy?  How will the battle between the houses of Hyuuga end?  When will Naruto freaking show up?  Well, only Kishimoto-san knows the answers to that question.

You can, however, read this chapter (which, by the way, is entitled: Darui’s Squad Leaps Into Battle!) by visiting our Manga Viewer page.

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