GaH! Too Many Secrets: A WSJ Update!

It seems that DCTP is having a slow day.  2 days after the publication of the newest Detective Conan file and we still don’t have a scanlation/translation of it.  Not that I’m really annoyed about that.  Of course not!  I understand that they have other things to do and know (or could guess, at least) that there is a reason for the delay.  I’m not going to go ranting about it since DC has gotten me hooked.  Nope.  This post isn’t about that.

This post is about two of the Big-Three mangas that are on the Weekly Shounen/Shonen Jump (WSJ, for short): Naruto and BLEACH.

Let’s start off with BLEACH since it’s much more interesting than Naruto at the moment.

The Time Discipline FullBringIchigo is still trapped inside the Dollhouse, training.  He has already gotten the fact that to activate his Fullbring, he would have to make use of the Shinigami Badge. The problem was, even though he knows that, he doesn’t know HOW to actually activate his Fullbring and get his Shinigami powers back in order to defeat Mr. Pork (who has now turned into a very grotesque-looking pig-mascot-thing).  Not only does Ichigo have to worry about keeping himself alive and overcoming said training, he also needs to do it within the next sixteen minutes, otherwise he and Mr. Pork are going to go up in flames thanks to Giriko’s “Time tells no lies” Fullbring.  Yikes!

Ichigo's PrideIchigo’s definitely at a pinch but Chad’s there to give him a hint.  A big, fat, very useful (“Thank God” says Ichigo) hint about how to activate his Fullbring.  The secret was: Pride! Ichigo has to think of a moment in time when he felt pride in being a Shinigami.  There are too many memories to account for, however.  But it seems like the last one–his farewell to Rukia (or was it the thought of Rukia (*squeals like the fan girl she is* I so-heart-IchiRuki))–did the trick and activated Shinigami badge.  Now, what’s going to happen next?  Will we finally (FINALLY!!) see Ichigo’s Fullbring or are we in for a flashback chapter?  Well, one this is for sure though, this chapter, entitled: “The Time Discipline” (good thing this didn’t came out during the time when the previous Detective Conan case was running, otherwise we’d have a lot of chapters with the title of ‘time’-something in it) is way better than what Kishimoto-san has in stored for us in Naruto.

You can read this chapter by heading to this link and clicking BLEACH on our Manga Directory.

Now, on to a crappy chapter from Naruto.

The Legendary ToolsChapter 527 is dull.  Sure we get to learn a little bit more about the enemies that Darui is currently facing and the tools-slash-weapons that are straight from the “Journey to the West” story/legend/tale/<insert whatever you want to call it> that said enemies are using but, compared to how it had been on the previous chapters (up to the chapter showing Kakashi’s battle) this one is beyond boring that it actually felt like a chore to read through it.  Which is also the reason why I’m not going to write much about it here.  Read the chapter if you want but I’m not going to post anything in this section for Naruto except for the title of the chapter, which is: The Secret Word.

You can read this chapter by heading to this link and clicking Naruto on our Manga Directory.

As of this writing, there are still no DC updates from DCTP. Hopefully we will get one soon, though.  I’m really aching to read a new Detective Conan case file just to get my head off of the dull chapter 527 that I had just read.  Oh well, at least I have Meg Cabot’s “The Mediator” waiting for me back home.

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