Ramen So Good!

I was a little bit worried that we won’t be getting a new file from Detective Conan and from DCTP.  But, it’s a good thing that wasn’t the case.  It just so happens that DCTP was quite late with the release (of course, I wouldn’t complain.  They’re the best when it comes to DC scanlations).

Ramen so Good!Anyways, with the end of the Ghost of Time case, we are given another file from Detective Conan that opens up another case.  This time it’s the “Ramen so Good” case with the first of the chapter being chapter 765: Ramen so Good…It’s to Die For.

Alright, before everyone goes off to say that DC has turned into Naruto, let me tell you.  Ramen is not just a food that’s from the Naruto series.  Unless you’re a pretty big dumb-dumb, it’s a japanese noodle dish that’s actually pretty popular in Japan.  It consists of chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat–or fish–based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced pork, dried seaweed, kamaboko, green onions, and occasionally corn.  It has four categories: shio (salt), tonkotsu (pork bone), shouyo (soy sauce) and miso.  If you haven’t tried one yet, I suggest you give it a taste.

Anyways, moving away from Ramen 101, let’s head on with the synopsis for the new file.

The Yama RamenRan, with the upcoming championship/tournament, has to stay at school to practice and notifies her father, Kagouro Mouri of this.  Mouri, being the person that he is, has no choice but to eat out for dinner (and breakfast) along with Conan.  Seeing that the restaurants are closed thanks to a conference in which most store owners are invited for, Mouri decides to eat on a Ramen shop.

There they meet the Ramen Shop Owner (Ogura Katsumasa), the Part-time Worker (Oohashi Sayo), the Real Estate Company President–who also, by the way, is the victim in this case (Saizo Tokumori), and the Barbershop Manager (Taninaka Atsushi).  It seems that Oohashi wants to close down the Ramen shop, which angers Ogura (apart from the lack of respect that Oohashi shows).

Oohashi then tells Ogura that according to Taninaka, (yes, I know, I’m using the last name for these people without the -san, heh) their shop is the “black sheep” of the shopping district and that everyone is wishing for it to close.  Taninaka then appears and says that he didn’t say that and that what he said was that he hoped Ogura would redecorate the shop once in a while.

Conan and Mouri was then served their Yama Ramen and immediately fell in-love with the food stating that they would be bringing Ran and the others along next time to eat there.  Oohashi comments that, despite the run-down and ragged look of the place, the food is delicious and thereby making it hard for him to close the shop.  He then went on to say that he wonders what would happen if someone actually keels over from eating the ramen that the shop has said was “to die for”.  Oohashi then thinks that that would probably close the shop, and he didn’t bother to keep that thought to himself too.  This angers Mouri saying that Oohashi has been disrespectful.  At the same time that Mouri grabs Oohashi by the collar of his shirt, Oohashi–looking as though he was poisoned–actually keels over from eating the ramen.

Ramen to die for?I have a vague guess as to what happens.  I think that Oohashi does it to himself.  Why do I think that?  Well, although the Taninaka, Ogura and Saizo could be the culprit to this new case, it is possible that Oohashi poisons himself to make it seem that he died because of eating the Ramen.

In one of the panels of this first file to the new case, Conan points out that Oohashi used his right hand while trying to clean the ‘vase’ (which is actually just a glass with flowers on it) and then used the chopstick with his left.  I may be thinking too much into it, but I think that (despite Oohashi stating that he is merely ambidextrous) this might be some sort of a clue, along with the statement that Oohashi made about his company going to the dumps.

That’s just a guess though, and since the case has only just begun, I don’t know if my guess is right or wrong.  We would have to wait for next week though since we won’t be having a Detective Conan manga update this week (Gosho is taking a break).  You can read this new DC file via our Manga Viewer.

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