Reflections of Hope

I came across a band’s album today.  I figured I should listen to it since I was getting tired of the songs I have on my iPod (don’t get me wrong, I love the songs I have there, I just wanted to add a little more variety to it), so I went ahead and downloaded the songs from iTunes and copied them over to my iPod.
There’s one particular track that I decided to share with you all.  It’s not actually a song, more like a monologue (and a very good one at that).  Hopefully this particular monologue can inspire some people as it did to me.
Today I came to a realization: no amount of pain or suffering can take away the prospect of hope.  The vision of what lies ahead can become distorted by negativity and shame.  But today, I saw myself.  My future self.  I saw someone who has created positivity at a seemingly endless despair.

Who am I?  I am someone special.  A soul with good intentions.  A man with nothing but the shadows of the past slowly fading from his memory.  He came to me today to remind me that one day I will become you and that these experiences can make you stronger.

Today it’s do or die for tomorrow may never come.

So I say goodbye and embrace the feeling of love and peace that you have given me.  I look forward to seeing you again with strength in my eyes as I stare back at you in the mirror.
It’s from The Lifeline’s Reflections of Hope album (this track is the Reflections of Hope track), just in case you’re curious.

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