New Fanfic! Daniel X: Game Over!

After a couple of months (or has it already been a year or two) since my last fanfic update and my last fanfiction, I am happy to announce that I have begun writing a new fanfiction for the Daniel X series.

Daniel XI know, I know.  I’m busy with a lot of things (including my own book) but if you’re someone like me, who loves to read and to write, then you just couldn’t get enough of writing (and reading) and you just want to write and write and write all of your ideas.

This particular fanfic, in which I have borrowed the title of the upcoming forth installment of the series, is entitled: Daniel X: Game Over and you can read it by heading to this link.

Like I’ve said, this is my first Daniel X fanfiction, and my first fanfic after a long hiatus.  It tells the story of Daniel, an alien Alien Hunter (yeah, he’s an alien and an Alien Hunter) who protects the earth by hunting down the dangerous aliens that are on the List.  If you want to learn more about Daniel X, head to Daniel X’s official website.  Anyways, in this fanfic, Daniel is tracking down Number Two, who he learns is hiding somewhere in Japan.  Why Japan?  No, it’s not because it’s one of the countries I’d like to visit.  The reason actually has something to do with the story, and I can’t reveal it to you guys just yet.

Like I was saying, he and his friends are in Japan trying to find Number 2, when Daniel finds himself suddenly drained of his powers and locked up.  The first chapter is basically an introductory chapter and tells how Daniel ended up chained to a metallic chair with wires connected to his body.

Meh, I don’t want to spoil the story.  If you like Daniel X and you want to read more until the release of the fourth book then you may want to try reading this fanfic.

Well, that’s all for today.  Ciao!

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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