Swastika Break! Huh? What?

We have the newest chapter for Bleach on over the SnK Online Manga Viewer.

Ichigo's FullbringI won’t go into too much detail with it but basically it follows up on Ichigo’s training as he finally manages to unleash and use his fullbring.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Ichigo, the Shinigami.  Nope, he’s still pretty much stuck as normal Ichigo with the Fullbring ability.  Huh, I actually thought that he’d be all like…Shinigami-fied.

Anyways, the Shinigami Badge, apparently remembers the feelings of Ichigo during his previous battles and thus allows him to use some sort of power.

Basically, the explanation goes as follows:

Just like how every battle you’ve had up until now is carved within your soul, they’re also carved within the soul of the tool you hold.  Whenever you touched that badge after your battles, the badge carved your memories of battle into its soul.  That’s the greatest forte for people who have experience in many battles.  Before they learn how to use fullbring.  Even if you lose your power, your badge remembers it.

Ichigo's FullbringSo, there you go.  Ichigo’s Shinigami badge has a soul…go figure.

Anyways, that’s what happened on Ichigo’s end of the story.  Meanwhile, Inoue is visiting Chad’s apartment (so it seems) when she is suddenly faced with a new enemy who wants to kill her.  Yes, that’s it.  No introduction for this new development, just a fat-looking guy who seems to be part of some gang or something wanting to kill Inoue.  Could this be someone from the same group who had tried to kill Ishida?  I’m guessing…heck yeah!

Anyways, more will be revealed in the next chapter.  By the way, this chapter is entitled: Swastika Break.

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