First Round of Beta Reading Now Over

Okay, so after almost a week and two days, I am putting an end to the first round of beta reading for “Winged, Book 1: The Awakening”.  Sadly, I only got two reviews.  Well, two great and detailed reviews that I could use to make the book better.

Having said that, I am going to start working on the edits for the draft tomorrow (I still have to finish Winged and Wizard 2: The Gift, hehe) and hopefully I’ll be able to complete it within the week (or so) for the second round of beta-reading.

A big thanks to the two beta-readers who submitted the answers for the questions (and the review).  Hope you guys don’t mind doing it again for the second beta-reading. *grins*

On a different topic.  The 528th chapter of Naruto is now available on our Online Manga Viewer.  I’m not going to put any synopsis here about this chapter.  Not really in the mood for that, all I can see is we get to see the “Nine-Tails”.  I know, it took me a while.  I was having problems uploading the chapter.  Anyways, it’s all good now (I think).

Hm…what else.  Well, can’t think of anything for now so I’ll end this post here and get back to my reading.  Ciao!

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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