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Finally, Mami Kawada has released her latest MAXI single, “See visionS”. See visionS is the second opening theme of Toaru Majutsu
no Index 2. This is the fourth theme song she’s done for the Toaru franchise, an association that started way back from the first season of TMnI.
The album consists of five tracks:
  • See visionS
  • Don’t interrupt me
  • See visionS (instrumental)
  • Don’t interrupt me (instrumental)
  • PSI-missing -2011remix-
See VisionSThe album only released this Wednesday and having thoroughly listened to it(five times in two days XD), I can say that this is really one of the best she’s come up with so far. One of the reasons I really love Mami-chan is because of the versatility of her voice. It can be strong one moment then sensuous the next. My personal favorite among the three songs- not counting the instrumentals- is “Don’t interrupt me”. It reminds me of JOINT with the strong vocals and nice rocking beats. “See visionS” also has the rocking voice and strong vocals but incorporates a bit of the trademark Mami Kawada “sensuality” that I mentioned before. As for the “PSI-missing” remix, there’s a nice heavy dose of discotheque beats. She’s somehow managed to make the song even more rocking, which I thought was pretty hard since the original already had a lot of rock in it.
On the whole, the album is really nice. I might be a little biased here but it’s something worth adding to your collection, especially if you’re a Mami fan. I’m really looking forward to what she come comes up with next. There is talk of her coming out with her fourth studio album this summer (that is if rumors are to be believed). Rumors or no rumors, I really do hope she comes out with it soooooon. She’s one artist I can’t seem to get enough of. Here’s hoping for another awesome album from Mami-chan in the near future. (^_^)b

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This review was written and contributed by Richie Mohanty.  You can view his profile by heading to this link.  This is Richie Mohanty’s first post contribution to Sakura no Kokoro.

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