Daniel X: Game Over Fanfic Updated

It took me a good whole day to update my Daniel X fanfic and now that it’s uploaded to FFN, you can read said chapter by heading to this link.

This chapter basically just propels the plot a little bit further along as we are now introduced to who Daniel’s foe is.  Daniel finds himself captured by a human-kid-looking alien by the name of “Void”.  A surprise encounter leaves Daniel confused and at a disbelief.  But before he could process what he had just seen, he is transported to Void’s world–a game world–the Void Game.

Daniel is then told of the rules of the game.  5 Rules to be exact.  It is, basically, a game that would cost him his life should he fail to complete it.

It’s a pretty short chapter compared to the first one but I think it’s good enough.

The next update would be uploaded on Friday this week.

Until then, Dream On! Fly On!

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