Another Food Poisoning Case?

DCTP has done it again.  We have the latest Detective Conan case file just a day (or two depending on how you look at it) after it’s Japanese publication.  This week’s file is the 766th of the series and is entitled: Ramen and Poison.  And you can read it via our Online Manga Viewer!

Ramen and Poison 1So, what’s up with this new file?  Well, the police have come–which basically meant that Inspector Megure and Takagi after Conan had said to call the police and an ambulance.  Apparently they don’t believe my theory of suicide much.  And I seem to be having doubts about it what with the evidence presented before us in this new file.

If you head on over to DCTP’s forums and check out the topic on the Ramen case, you can see a poll there.  Here are the results on the poll asking who we think the killer is:

The Ramen Shop Owner gets a vote of 11.6%; The Part-time Owner (who is revealed in this file to have been the daughter of the customer, a lawyer, who died in the shop thanks to the victim’s goons) gets 14%; 23.3% (or about 10 people)  believes on the same theory that I came up with making this case a suicide; The Barbershop Manager gets the biggest vote (and I’m starting to lean on this too because of the evidences on the file) with 30.2%.  And, get this, 9 people (or about 20.9%) voted that the victim died due to Kagouro Mouri and Conan’s happiness while eating Ramen.  I almost fell down my chair laughing at that one!


Moving along, let me present you with the list of evidence that apparently points to Taninaka being the perpetrator to the murder.  Let’s start with what the new file has given us.

  • Inspector Megure states that there are no poison on the Ramen itself, the water or anywhere else EXCEPT for the left hand of the vic’s thumb and forefinger, on the chopsticks that the vic used, and atop the table at his seat.
  • Taninaka reminds everyone of what the vic had said before eating, about the victim’s company going in flames and feeling like he wanted to die.  The Ramen Shop owner recounts that this was not the first time that something like this happened as the victim’s goons would usually come to the shop to fake being poisoned to try and get the shop to close.
  • Takagi tells Conan what the suspects had on their persons.  For Ogura, the Manager, he had cigarettes, a lighter, and a portable ashtray.  For the part-timer Sayo: a mobile phone, a handkerchief, eyedrops, and a coin purse.  For Taninaka, he only had a wallet, glasses–reading glasses–and the keys to his shop.
  • The final panels on the second to the last page shows what the insides of the shop looks like from the outside when the shop’s door closes.  This seems like a pivotal clue to the series as a ‘ding’ sounded on Conan/Shinichi’s brain when he saw this.
  • Conan’s comment on the final panel on the final page: The One who has seen through to the real truth.

Now that we have that jotted down, let’s go back to the previous file, and you will see why many believe it not to be a suicide but a murder and that the perpetrator is Taninaka.

  • We are not shown how the victim, Tokumori entered the shop.  Meaning, we are not shown what he was doing as he entered the shop.  This is something of a vital clue to the whole case!
  • We are shown, as Tokumori is introduced, that Tokumori is holding onto the handkerchief on his left-breast pocket.  This signifies something that will come to light later after I have enumerated the important points from the previous file.
  • Tokumori bumps, whether he meant to or just by accident, to the glass containing the flowers for the deceased lawyer who died a month before.  Ogura and Sayo both did not clean the water spill and instead tells Tokumori to clean it himself.  The victim obliges and takes out his handkerchief to wipe the water from the table.  Another important clue.
  • Tokumori uses his mouth and his left hand (not his left, which he used to touch his handkerchief and clean the table) to break the chopsticks apart.
  • Conan enters the shop for the first time with his glasses off since he was wiping Kagouro’s spit from them.

Now that we have laid out what we have so far, allow me to give my two-cents of a deduction on this case as to why I think Taninaka is the culprit.

First off, let’s connect the dots from the list.  Meaning, which ones are related to one another.

  • We are not shown how Tokumori entered the shop.  Meaning we didn’t know what he was doing.  Was he stuffing his pocket with something?  Was he taking something out of his pockets?  Tokumori, however, is shown to be holding on to the handkerchief on his left-breast pocket.  Conan enters the shop for the first time with his glasses off since he was wiping Kagouro’s spit off of them.  Why are these two exactly related?  Well, because of the third clue we have:  The final panel on the second to the last page of the file.  This panel, as I have stated shows a view from outside of the shop through the glass doors.  It was hazy.  Now, I’m not sure for most people but when I see something hazy, and I am wearing my glasses, my first reaction is to take off my glasses and wipe them with my handkerchief.
  • Tokumori (intentionally or not) knocked the glass over causing the water to spill.  Since Ogura and Sayo both did not want to clean the spill themselves, Tokumori had to clean it using his handkerchief.  The same handkerchief that he used to (possibly) wipe his glasses as he entered (or before he enters) the shop.

Now, let us look at it closely using all three lists.  Here is what I think, or can deduce based on what we have so far:

Ramen and Posion 2First off, my point with the glasses and the handkerchief.  Normally, people would take of their glasses using one’s thumb and forefinger.  One of the many places where there are traces of poison according to Inspector Megure.  Now, let’s say that when Tokumori was entering the shop, he also saw the same thing that Conan saw on the second to the last panel on the new file: he looked at the shop through the glass doors and saw hazy images.  He thinks that he is seeing it like this because of his glasses being dirty and so he takes off his glasses using his thumb and forefinger and uses his handkerchief to wipe the glasses.

This same handkerchief was used to wipe the water from the table–another place where there are traces of poison.

Now, we are shown how Tokumori breaks his chopsticks: using his left hand and his mouth.  He doesn’t use the right hand which has touched the handkerchief over the previous panels.  Now, normally this would have thrown off the deduction that is building that the poison is on the handkerchief.  However, we forget that it is also mentioned that Tokumori is ambidextrous.  He isn’t right-handed or left-handed.  Which means what?  Well, it means that, if we go back to what I said with the whole ‘wiping the eyeglasses’ thing, it is possible that instead of using the right hand to hold the eyeglass and the left to wipe it, Tokumori could have used his left hand to hold the eyeglasses–his left hand’s forefinger and thumb–while the right hand polishes it.

Ramen and Poison 4Now, you may have already pieced a couple of things together with where I’m going with this.  It is true that there is no indication that the handkerchief had any poison, however, the poison is not (originally) on the handkerchief.  It is, I think, on the glasses–on the victim’s eyeglasses.

Now, how does Taninaka fit in with all this?  Remember, the victim first went to the Taninaka to get his hair cut.  Now, if you’re wearing glasses and you go and have your hair cut, you would have to take off your glasses, correct?  Now, here’s what I think Taninaka did.  I think he switched the victim’s glasses with his own pair of reading glasses–the ones that Takagi had said was on Taninaka’s person when they searched him.  If that is the case then Taninaka could have laced the eyeglasses with poison.  He would have anticipated what Tokumori would do as he frequents the Ramen shop.  He would also have known how Tokumori breaks his chopsticks.

Ramen and Poison 5As for his motive?  Well, I think he has motive enough with Tokumori making up stories and trying to get him to fight with the Ogura.  Plus, he has a lot to lose if Taninaka manages to get his plans into action (see previous file for reference on this one).

The poison on the table?  Well, the vic touched the table, right?  Then the water spill and the cleaning up with the handkerchief.  I think that would have caused the poison to spread onto the table some more.

Anyways, that’s just my deduction.  There could still be a lot of things missing that would come to light once Conan starts with his explanation.  Plus, we also have that hint at the end of the file with Conan saying “The One who has seen through to the real truth”.  Which leads me to believe that he was talking about literally ‘seeing’ and maybe subtlety hinting and referencing about the glasses.

Heh, I can’t believe I wrote something this long for a Detective Conan update.  Oh well, we’ll know what Conan’s deduction would be next week when the 767th chapter comes out.  Until then, dream on! Fly on!

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