Orihime in Danger?

I almost forgot that today is Thursday, haha, can you believe that?  Huh, I must really have a lot on my mind.

Knuckle DownAnyways, since I’m getting used to updating our manga section with Bleach every Thursday, I’m glad to announce that our friends over at Binktopia had come through for us yet again, giving us the latest BLEACH chapter to date: Chapter 438 entitled, “Knuckle Down“.  I can’t stop thinking how Kubo-san likes to use weird titles like this.  You can, like always, read this chapter via our Online Manga Viewer.

This chapter opens up with Ichigo finally returning to normal (his size I mean. He’s no longer puny and inside the doll house).  The thing is, in order to get back to his original size Riruka had to sneeze on Ichigo.  Yes, folks.  You read that right.  Riruka sneezes on Ichigo and Mr. Pork which ended up with Ichigo being drenched when he emerges to his normal form.

Ichigo hears Rukia's voiceAs soon as he’s 0ut, however, and just when he is thinking about how to pull the reiatsu from the Shinigami Badge back in, the reiatsu pulses back into the badge by itself.  It was then that Ichigo began to hear Rukia’s voice through the badge.  It was only for a second (or two) but he had heard it and it, obviously left him baffled and surprised.  One person notices this and seems to know something about it, though.  Can you guess who?  If you guessed Ginjo, then you guessed it correctly.

Tsukushima and OrihimeMeanwhile, Orihime is attacked or was supposed to be attack by this guy, Shishigawara.  Supposed to be since he seems to have been knocked down silly by how Orihime looks.  Shishigawara, as it seems, was ordered by a man named Tsukushima–who apparently was the one who also injured (and almost killed) Ishida.

Now, what would happen to Orihime?  Who the heck is Tsukushima and his lackey, Shishigawara?  Why do they want to kill Ishida and Orihime?  What’s up with the Shinigami Badge and the voice–Rukia’s voice–that Ichigo heard?  What does Ginjo know?  What is he keeping from Ichigo?  WILL WE EVER SEE ICHIGO AS A SHINIGAMI AGAIN?!

Ah, so many questions and a week to go before some of them (hopefully) could be answered.




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