Month: March 2011

Oaths and Trainings and…Bombs?

I won’t keep this long, I’m just going to post this to let everyone know that the 533rd and 442nd chapters of Naruto and BLEACH are now up and available for reading on our Online Manga Viewer Page.  Not only

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Day 38: Settlin


“That’s good enough.” or “Pwede na yan.”  Many of us live our lives in being content with the mediocre.  As long as we get the job done, as long as we manage to do something that is “okay” and that

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Day 37: Secret


I never thought that I would ever love a song with this kind of melody until I heard The Pieces’ Secret, which is today’s song. For those who watch Pretty Little Liars, then you would be familiar with this song

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Day 36: The River


This year’s American Idol has, admittedly, the most talented bunch of aspirants and finalists.  With the Electrifying Eleven (aka Top 11), it’s hard to really have just a single bet to win the competition.  Can it be possible that, what

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Day 35: Operation Working Vacation


Ah, Monday…my not-so-favorite-day of the week.  It has been so ever since I could remember…which translates to “ever since I was in highschool” since during my elementary and preschool days, I wasn’t really annoyed with the said day of the

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