Weekly Shonen Jump: Naruto and Bleach Updates

So, I got delayed by a day (or maybe just a couple of hours) in uploading the newest chapters of BLEACH and Naruto.  So sorry about that.  I had a lot on my plate at the moment and didn’t have time to upload it until now.

Anyways, enough with the excuses.  Let’s take a look at the chapters, shall we?  First up, like always is BLEACH.

Tsukushima and his Fullbring "Book of End"It would seem that this new arc isn’t about Shinigamis but Fullbrings and their users as the new threat that emerged is also capable of using Fullbring.  Unlike the previous chapters, however, this one is meant as a sort of calm-before-the-storm chapter.  It doesn’t have much action and is more on the comical side.  Of course, Orihime is now facing a Fullbring user and possibly the main boss of this stage (yeah, computer game lingo there) in the form of Tsukushima Shuukurou and his Fullbring, “Book of the End”.  Heh, love the name of that.

I’m not sure if Orihime is still fighting in the next chapter (though this chapter didn’t really show Orihime fighting against Tsukushima) or if she was kidnapped.  I do hope it’s a fight since I’m getting tired of Orihime always playing the ‘damsel in distress’ card.

Anyways, this 439th chapter of BLEACH is entitled: “Keen Marker“.

Chouji's DeterminationNow, onto Naruto…or ‘Ninja Wars’ because seriously the title should’ve been change to that what with how the chapters we had been having for a while now have been revolving around the war with Naruto only appearing briefly last chapter and in this chapter, Naruto is still a no-show.

Anyways, the Ninja Alliance are still facing off with their enemy. This time the battle is shifting to Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru versus Azuma and Hanzou versus Mifune (the leader of the samurais).  Honestly? This is still a boring chapter.  Although, if I would guess how the battles are going to go it would be a while before Naruto shows up and unless Kishimoto picks the story up and add something spectacular next chapter, I think I’m starting to lose interest in this manga series.  It’s just too damn long with too little development when you compare it to BLEACH.

Anyways, this chapter of Naruto is entitled: Chouji’s Determination.

Both Naruto and BLEACH chapters can, like always, be read through our Manga page.  We’re still waiting for the 767th chapter of Detective Conan, so come back later and see if it’s already up.  Until then, dream on and fly on!

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