Movie 15 Trailer Unveiled!

It has been 2 days already since the Japanese publication of the 767th chapter of Detective Conan.  However, it seems DCTP is behind schedule perhaps since its members are caught up with something which is understandable since they do have lives outside of scanlating and translating.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t have any juicy Detective Conan posts this week though, and besides the week isn’t over yet.

It has only been hours since the 15th Movie Trailer for Detective Conan was unveiled.  The 15th movie which has been given the title “Quarter of Silence” will be released on April 16, 2011 in movie theaters in Japan and would probably take months (or a year if it’s the Blu-Ray copy you’re after) for a translation group to translate and sub it in English.  Incidentally, it would also be the 15th year anniversary of Detective Conan!  Whoop! Let’s give DC a round of applause, people!

No information has been disclosed as to what the movie was about however, judging from the trailer, it would seem that Conan and his group of friends (which includes the Detective Boys, Ran, Sonoko and Kagouro) are on some place known as Snow Kingdom where (you guessed it!) it is perpetually winter.

It appears that this particular movie opens up with a flashback of a kid who is running away from someone and falls, knocking his head that would later result in him having an amnesia and forgetting whatever it is that he saw and made him afraid.  This would definitely be something important to the whole movie.

There was also something about a ‘president’ and, for the umpteenth time in a DC movie and case, a bomb and so this would be a race against time for Conan (Shinichi) to stop the perpetrator and make sure that the bomb would not explode.  But, since there would be no drama in it if he does stop the bomb from exploding, the bomb will explode as seen in the trailer and it would be on a dam! Damn! (lol, I couldn’t help myself with that.  It just sounds funny when you read or say it out loud)

I’m not sure if Shinichi would make an appearance as…well, himself (meaning if Conan would drink a temporary antidote that would turn him into Shinichi for a while) but whether it is Shinichi or Conan whom Ran is shouting for to ‘Watch Out” and whom she is screaming for, one thing is for sure, this would probably be one of those dramatic DC movies.

As you can see in the trailer, there is a monologue part of Shinichi, or more likely Conan thinking as Shinichi, where he remembers the promise he made to Ran: Wait for me, we will meet again (or something to that affect.  I am pretty sure that what he said on the latter part of the promise was ‘we will meet again’ or ‘until we meet again’).

Now, I don’t know about you guys but I am pretty excited with this movie.  Well, I’m always excited when it comes to Detective Conan and pretty pissed off that they won’t translate the DC NDS games into English.  True, we have one English Detective Conan game for the Wii but that is hardly enough and it was a pretty short game too (not to mention easy).

Unfortunately for Heiji and Kaito Kid fans, those two won’t be making an appearance.  And this definitely isn’t one of the BO (Black Organization not Body Odor) movies that people were hoping for and that would have been a great movie.  I guess there would be a number of people who won’t like this movie because it is another bomb case.  I am, however, hoping that this movie would offer something new.

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  1. Heiji Hattori says:

    it was a pretty presentation of that movie.
    and i hope to see more on your blog..

    -Heiji Hattori

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