The Conclusion of the Ramen Case

This chapter has been out and had been posted on the VIS OMV for a day and a half now and it is only now that I remembered that I haven’t written anything about it! D’oh!

Ramen so WIcked it's to Die For?!Anyways, the conclusion to the Ramen case…uh-huh.  And, it has been given the title: The Truth Behind the Eyeglasses.  The whole “Ramen so Good It’s to Die For” case has finally been resolved and the culprit is…Taninaka.  Yep, I got it right…well, for the most part.  I did manage to fumble on a couple of points but the result is the same. Taninaka is our killer, people!

Although I have to admit that I am at a lost as to why someone (even if it is a fictitious character) would murder another person for the same reason that Taninaka murdered Tokumori.  I mean, so the guy’s a complete a-hole and was threatening to demolish their stores but, no matter how much of a jackass some people are, you can’t just go murdering them!  And as to why he wanted the Ramen so Good shop to take the fall?  Well, Taninaka seems like a twisted guy.  I won’t dive into the details of his explanation for his actions, if you wanna know just read the chapter (it’s not that long) but I have the same feeling that Shinichi had and during one of his first cases in NYC and I can’t help but agree on what he said there.

Is a reason necessary? I do not know why you would kill someone. But as for saving someone…A logical mind isn’t needed, right?

Sure, they didn’t actually save someone’s life in this case but the big question as to why someone would kill another person, their reason–it’s complete lost to me.  Anyways, I’m not gonna go philosophical on you guys right now.  I’m still a bit sleepy and I don’t really think my mind is thinking straight, XD.  The next chapter would be publicized on March 9, 2011 in Japan.  I don’t know what this chapter would be about but I do hope its a story chapter–one that’s about the Black Organization or that would help allow the series to move on in terms of the story.  Until then, dream on; fly on!

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