A Rival Appears…?

Wow, I didn’t expect DCTP to be able to translate and release the newest case file from Detective Conan so fast.  Like, BAM!  And just when it had only been publicized in Japan as well.  I’m thoroughly impressed!  And you DC-readers out there should be too.  That was quick!

Jeet Kune Do versus KarateAnyways, since the previous file concluded the ‘Ramen so Good’ case, we have, for our 768th chapter, a new case.  The Jeet Kune Do case.

A little bit of head’s up on what Jeet Kune Do is.  No, it’s not a name of a character.  It is a name of a form or style of Kung Fu that movie star Bruce Lee practiced since he was little, a martial art that adopted styles from Karate, Judo, Savate, Boxing, Akido, and other forms of fighting and has many attacks that target vital points such as the eyes and throat making it pretty fierce (as explained by Conan in one of the pages of this new case file).

Shinichi's New Rival?This chapter opens up with Ran, Conan and Sonoko at the bus where Ran meets a formidable foe and where Conan–or should I say Shinichi–may have found a rival for Ran’s heart!  Yeah, ‘may have’ since, although the guy was flirting with Ran it doesn’t seem like Ran’s falling for it.  Anyways, the trio were headed for the Haido hotel where Sonoko had promised to treat Ran and Conan for cake after Ran won the championship.  Coincidentally the Jeet Kune Do user (whose name was never mentioned in this file) was also headed for the same hotel.

When they got there however, they learn that the buffet’s line had been cut since they ran out of cake, which made Sonoko very angry.  At that point, a woman screams and we all know what that means–someone had just died, was killed, or had found a dead body.  In this file, all three of them holds true.

A Suspect?We are also introduced to one of the suspects of the case, even though we don’t know much about what this case stems from.  Her name is Hirukawa Toshiko, a 49 year-old housewife who seems very suspicious to me (read the chapter to know why I think that.  Hint: it has something to do with the annex).

Anyways, the Jeet Kune Do user seems to know something about Conan since he appears on the top of the building right when Conan was about to say that it was not a suicide (the victim, Uesumi ‘fell’ to the ground from the top of the building) but is a murder (dun-dun-duuuuuunn!).  This, of course, surprises our intrepid detective.  Just who is that guy?  Well, we have to wait until the 16th, when the 769th chapter is publicized in Japan, to find out.

You can read this newest chapter (entitled: Jeet Kune Do) on our Manga page.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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