Mifune’s Slash of Faith

Naruto’s newest chapter (Chapter 531) is now up on our Online Manga Viewer.

Like I’ve said before, I’m going to keep it short.  Talking about this chapter, I mean.  It’s still an un-interesting chapter compared to the other manga series out there that had just been updated.

Below are the highlights of this week’s chapter *yawn*

  • Shikamaru, Chouji, and Ino meet up with Azuma and their battle ensues (we aren’t shown what happens after the first few panels where the three ninjas charged at their former zombified master).
  • Mifune continues on with his battle
  • An Akatsuki Flashback (one that shows Pein and his group) is shown.
  • Mifune drones on about peace and his faith and ideals.  BTW, Mifune is the samurai leader.
  • A backup of samurai warriors with gas masks to protect them from the poison arrives.
  • Chiyo blurts out some information regarding the Salamander that spewed the poison.
  • Mifune attacks with his ‘Slash of Faith’ or something or another

Like I’ve said, I’m steadily losing interest with this manga with each  passing chapter.  This is B-O-R-I-N-G compared to BLEACH now and I just want the whole thing to move onto Naruto and find out how this damn manga series ends (if it ever will).

That’s just my opinion, though.  Don’t know how the rest of you guys feel about how Naruto’s just been dragging.

By the way, the result of the popularity poll for Naruto has been released.  See the image below for said results (yeah, I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to type it all down).

Naruto Popularity Poll Result

Well, that’s that for this weeks batch of manga updates.  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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